Cuculetu/ Little cuckoo bird

Little cuckoo bird

Green leaf and chickpea
Damn your nature, cuckoo bird
Summertime you come and go
But what do you eat in the wintertime?
I eat rotten beech
And drink water from the lake
And happily sing for the girls.
Sing, cuckoo bird and sing again,
I'm so blue hearted
'Cause my horse lost my saddle,
My saddle and my cloak
And Helen found them both
Alas, she won't return them!

Oh, brother
Sing a little more, cuckoo
Alas, summertime and springtime
All the mornings
When the sun rises
And the married women go out
And take their cows to the cattle
Down to the shallow river.
Sing to me, dear cuckoo
You sang to me last summer too
But I hadn't listen
'Cause I was crossed with my babe
And a little upset
But now we've made up
Sing, my dear cuckoo bird!

Oh, emerald green leaf
Who's a honest worker,
True hard working man
He doesn't sleep in his home bed
But on the fields
With the plough and cattle
Come, my husband, from the fields
'Cause I yearn for your love
You can burn with desire,
But I can't come till work is done
The ground ploughed and traced 
Then I can come and love you
'Cause I'm mad with desire!

Oh, brother, how the cuckoo sings and spins
Just like my darling when she's dressed up
And he spreads its feathers, like my darling her eyebrows
And spreads its tail, like my darling her dress
My heart hurts for my darling and will always do
Because of you,love, I've spent my youth
I'm hopeless!
Come and sing for me, cuckoo bird
'Cause we can't know about tomorrw
Maybe next summer the meadow will be empty
No men around

If there's no beloved
Who's to caress me?
If my baby is no more
She didn't leave me no message
Nor enough kisses
Cuckoo bird, where do you come from?
From your beloved
From the vineyards.


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