marți, 30 mai 2017


Naivia e o planeta pe care mi-am petrecut destul de mult timp in ultimii ani. E colorata, magica, idilica si gazduieste o gramada de fiinte, cum numai in povesti poti citi. Daca poposesti acolo, incepi sa-ti aduci aminte cum era sa fii copil, cat sens faceau basmele citite de parinti sau de bunici, si cat de mult te-a schimbat lumea. E tare greu sa fii naiv, sa mai gandesti ca un copil si sa mai visezi ca atunci! Desi nimeni nu mai are nevoie de naivitate pe lumea asta, eu cred ca nu-i asa! Avem nevoie de puritate, de ceva cald si din suflet, de curajul de-a ne exprima simplu... Avem nevoie de o noua lume, in care sa fim iar copiii care-am fost odata!


Naivia is a planet where I spent most of my latest years. It's colorful, magic, bucolic and it's full of marvelous beings, as you'd read in a fairy tale. If you happen to go there, you're gonna start remembering how it was to be a child, how clever were the fairy tales, and how much you've changed...It's very hard to be ingenuous, to think like a child and to have your childhood dreams. Even though nobody needs ingenuity anymore, I think quite the contrary! WE need it badly, we need something warm and soulful, we need the simplicity of expression... We need a new world, where we can again be the children we once were!


joi, 25 mai 2017

Povestea Obligenei/ The legend of Sweet Flag

 În Vechiul Testament stă scris că Dumnezeu i-a poruncit lui Moise să folosească trestia mirositoare, împreună cu alte plante aromatice din zona respectivă cu care să facă un ulei pentru a-şi freca corpul când se apropie de Tabernacol.


In the Old Testament it's mentioned that God commended Moses to use sweet flag and other aromatic herbs and make an ointment, which he should use when he comes close to the Tabernacle

marți, 23 mai 2017

Pintea Viteazul/ Pintea the Brave

Am ascultat odata la radio o bucatica din melodia asta. De-atunci, am tot cautat melodia intreaga, dar n-am gasit-o neam! Zilele astea am dat de ea pe Yutube, in generosul portofoliu al lui Fabr1s. In sfarsit, am ascultat-o pe e tare frumoasa.
I've listened to a piece of this song on the radio some time ago. Since then, I searched for it, but wouldn't find it at all! One of these days, on Fabr1s's Youtube channel, I finally found it. At last, I listened to all of it....and it's so nice.
It's a song about an outlaw who stood against the tyranny of the landowners. His name was Pintea the brave, and he was loved by the folk of Romania. There are many folk songs about this man, but this particular one is straight from the heart of Transylvania, recorded from a peasant, as he knew it from his ancestors. So it is a very special version of the folklore based on Pintea the Outlaw.

luni, 22 mai 2017

Tinerete fara batranete si viata fara de moarte/ Youth without age and life without death

Ce-ar fi daca le-am putea avea? Cum ar arata vietile noastre? Am fi mai fericiti?
Cititi basmul aici, si veti gasi raspunsurile...


What if we'd have it? How would our lives look like? Would we be happier?
Read the folk tale here and you'll find your answers...

"Tinerete fara batranete...", tempera pe placaj, rama de lemn sculptat, aprx. 40x50cm.

sâmbătă, 20 mai 2017

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vineri, 12 mai 2017

Povestea Rostopascai/ The legend of Celandine

Pe aceasta planta galbuie si discreta a imortalizat-o chiar si Albrecht Durer in picturile lui, din recunostinta pentru vindecarea unei boli de ficat de care suferea. Vechii romani ii spuneau "Chelidonium", adica "Darul Cerului", iar puterea ei vindecatoare o asemanau puterii soarelui. Mai tarziu, alchimistii au incercat sa o transforme in aur, asa de impresionati au fost de culoarea portocalie a laptelui de rostopasca.


This discrete yellow flower was painted by Albrecht Durer himself, as an offering for curing him of a liver disease. The Romans named it "Chelidonium", which means "Gift of the sky", and they considered it as powerful as the sun. Later, alchemists tried to transform it into gold, impressed by its orange milk.

miercuri, 10 mai 2017

Povestea Busuiocului/ The legend of Basil

Era  pe vremea cand lumea cauta crucea pe care fusese rastignit Mantuitorul. Imparateasa Elena a poposit pe muntele Golgota, iar acolo era un loc unde crescuse mult busuioc. Vazand aceasta, Imparateasa a pus oamenii sa sape acolo, si astfel s-a gasit crucea Mantuitorului.


It was in the times when people were searching for Christ's cross. The Empress Helen, mother of Constantine, went to mount Golgotha and found there a place where lots of basil have grown. Seeing this, the Empress told people to dig in that place, and so the Holy Cross was found.