marți, 17 noiembrie 2015


Si pentru ca talentul se zice ca e "10% inspiratie, 90% transpiratie", am zis sa mai transpir putin, daca muza m-a cam parasit. Mai tineti minte povestea Pescarului cu Fata de Imparat? Am recitit-o, restudiat-o si repictat-o. Nu stiu daca mi-a iesit mai bine...poate putin mai "curata",ca stil. Povestea a fost culeasa de Petre Ispirescu, in volumul Basmele Romanilor.

It is said that talent is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration. So, I decided to work hard, since my muse apparently left me for a while (I hope!). Do you remember the story of the Fisherman and his Princess? I re-read it, re-studied and re-painted it. I don't know if it is better. You can find prints of the old version on FineArtAmerica.

New version 2015

Old version 2008

joi, 5 noiembrie 2015

Oaia nazdravana/ The magic sheep

Un cioban bland si la locul lui a cazut victima caliciei omenesti. Oaia nazdravana l-a avertizat de pericolul care-l pastea, dar el si-a acceptat resemnat soarta. Mare filosofie in cuvintele baladei asteia!


The story of a shepherd, killed by his fellows. The magic sheep tried to warn him, but he silently accepted his destiny. There's a lot of philosophical meaning in the words of this ballad !