sâmbătă, 22 noiembrie 2014

From Romania, with love!

   Dear foreign visitors of this blog, I have a christmasy surprise for you. Since today, you can find the Christmas Card series on FineArtAmerica. You can buy prints of my art from them, and they ship fine art throughout the mondo! Here is my gallery!        
   Bless you all, dear friends!

marți, 18 noiembrie 2014

Felicitari de Craciun/ Christmas cards

Felicitare din carton pictat cu tus si acrilice, 16x22 cm/ Painted card, ink and acrylics, 16x22 cm.


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             Cred ca felicitarile astea mi-au scos la iveala latura de miniaturist medieval, am muncit destul de mult la ele, dar mi-a placut! Cele cu plic galben au fost primele, dar apoi, cand am trecut la plicurile bleu, mi s-a parut ca e prea putin si m-am apucat sa le pictez. Cred ca asa voi face si cu plicurile galbene. Mi-e un drag de ele.....
             These cards brought to light my miniature painter side; I've worked a lot, but I enjoyed it! The ones with the yellow envelope were the first, but afterwards, when I moved to the blue envelopes, I thought "why don't paint the envelope too?". I like them better painted, so I think I'll do so wih the yellow ones too. I really do like them...